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Professional Life

Listed below are formal positions I've held over the past 20+ years. I started my career as an engineer, gradually migrating to senior positions in management and marketing. I've worked with everything from hardware, firmware (embedded software) and software. For the past 6-7 years, my efforts have centered mostly on software.

My role as a Sr Product Manager is as a "mini CEO", being responsible for everything related to the product. This includes writing requirements documents, roadmaps, financial forecasts as well as working with both internal and external stakeholders (engineering, sales, marketing, FAEs, business development and end customers).

AGILE systems provided the framework for project organization. JIRA provides the vehicle for logging new feature/project ideas and bug tracking. Two week scrums are employed based on project priorities. One of the most important features in project development is communication, within the engineering team and for both internal and external stakeholders.

         2010 - 2021
      aeroshield sw
AeroShield Software API Architecture

Top projects I initiated (from idea to commercialization) include a remote spectrum monitor, mobile interference hunter, "Vision" software (with Vision API) and a drone mitigation system. An SQLite database is used to store spectrum history. Together with many great engineers, world class products were developed to surpass the competition. Several patents were awarded along the way to protect the initiatives.

A project for which I am most proud is a software protection system which automatically detects and tracks drone activity in a given geographical area. AeroShield is marketed mainly to system integrator partners who handle the software at a system level (via an API to AeroShield software) and handle deployments and maintenance. A simulator is also provided to assist system integrators in site planning and deployments. Simulator main interface and map are shown.

         2003 - 2009

Broadcom is a semiconductor company specializing in wireless conductivity for cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. My role as product manager involved developing system modules for various end customers. Manufacturing and testing was done via ODMs in China, while chip fabrication was conducted by 3rd party partners. I travelled extensively visiting customers, developing new business and working with our partners. I was also responsible for working with planners to insure sufficient supply was forecast to meet demand.

         2001 - 2003

Tropian was a startup developing Intellectual Property to make wireless communications more efficient. The focus was to reduce power consumption for hand-held devices such as cellular handsets and WLAN devices. I was the program manager at Tropian, responsible to customer development, pre-sales and working with engineering to meet schedules. Part of my effort was to manage an applications lab developing and testing evaluation boards for demonstration purposes. Tropian is no longer in business.

         1999 - 2001

Cellular Base Station (BTS) infrastructure engineering manager.

         1995 - 1999
Lead Engineer
  Patent Award

Media Examples

Here are a few videos describing products I managed from idea to deployment at Anritsu. Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise...

Mobile Interference Hunter Software (yes, that's me driving), Remote Spectrum Monitor (narrated by our business dev person based in Germany), an interference hunting webinar and an application note I wrote on satellite communication interference.

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