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Education Background

Listed below are universities attended, starting with the most recent degree awarded. This was a mix of both engineering and business. The past 7+ years has been mostly software. Extensive use of MATLAB (and some Python) provided the foundation for developing the various algorithms and visuals used in my studies Not listed here are many classes taken at community colleges including assembly language, Python Visualization, TensorFlow, literature and a few languages (French and German).

The picture at the page bottom (Pacific Grove) is one of the venues where I presented a paper.

Engineers' Degree
scu degree

Degree Overview - Computer Vision/Machine Learning

I started as a PhD candidate at SCU in 2014 as a part-time student. I passed the examinations, published several IEEE peer reviewed papers and developed some unique ideas to enhance machine learning CNN for real time object tracking. However, the effort became overwhelming and (for various reasons) I would need to complete the PhD program with personal funds. I already had credits for the Engineer's Degree, so that was my final degree.

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Masters Business Administration (MBA)
ud diploma

Degree Overview - International Business

Highlights of the MBA program was a class trip to the UK meeting senior executives at various businesses, discussing strategy and biz models. For my final project, I analyzed the freight forwarding industry, interviewing 10-15 FF companies. Navigating the logistics and legal situations for hundreds of countries is a primary challenge for the forwarders.

Masters Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Degree Overview - RF & Microwaves

Concentration: Electromagnetic Field Theory, antenna theory and RF design...different from what I've been doing over the past 15+ years. Fortunately I had a teaching and research assistantship providing experience (while paying the bills!). A memorable activity was taking a medical engineering class, where we worked with the professor (Dr Webster) to publish a book on Electrical Impedance Tomography. I wrote 2 chapters. The front cover is shown here.


memphis u
Bachelors Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
ud diploma

Degree Overview - Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Univ of Memphis is more known for its basketball program than engineering, but I was fortunate enough to obtain a scholarship to attend....a requirement for someone without money. I also managed to obtain student loans and a part-time job at a machine shop to survive. Highlights include bringing in a Nobel prize winner (Arthur L Schawlow) as a guest lecturer. Schawlow co-invented the laser.

TensorFlow (Coursera)
Data Visualization using Python
Wireless Mesh Networks Report