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You are bidding on a microcontroller evaluation board based on the MCHC908JL3. The JL3 is a member of Motorola's family of 8-bit controllers.  The board includes the following features:

• On-board power regulation + adapter for your wall power supply connection
• 270 pin solderless breadboard for prototyping your own circuits
• On-board 9.8MHz crystal, programming voltages & RS232 chip
• Potentiometer for use with JL3's Analog-to-Digital Converter
• Dedicated LED to use with Pulse Wave Modulation
• 2 74HC595 serial-to-parallel converters for port expansion
• Several push-buttons for triggering interrupts
• Program your HC08JL3 microcontroller with your own algorithms
• Reset button for flash programming
• Header for LCD display
• LED indicator which lights when power applied
• 9-pin RS232 connector to connect to your PC's COM port for communication
• Header with all JL3 pinouts. Use your own wires to proto additional circuits such a motor controllers, miscellaneous sensors, robotics, etc

* all HC908JL3 pins (header next to solderless breadboard for each prototyping)
* 2 LCD headers (1 16-pin series + 1 header 2x8)
* header for I2C communications
* Keypad header (1x8)
* 74HC595 serial-to-parallel converter (contains all 8 outputs)
* Header for power (in case wall-mounter power supply not used)

16 button keypad and ribbon cable included !
This board was developed for initial prototyping of our more advanced and feature-rich microcontroller evaluation boards. It was cut by hand from a larger panel containing other circuits.  Board has been tested and is good working order.   Schematic available upon request to winning bidder.

Features of the HC908JL3 Microcontroller...
• 4096 bytes for Flash memory (128 bytes RAM)
• 2-channel 16-bit timer interface module (TIM)
• 12 channel 8-bit Analog-to-Digital converter
• 20+ general purpose I/O ports (LED drivers, keyboard interrupt)
• Pulse Wave Modulation
• 16-bit index register and stack pointer
• Efficient C language support

• Free programming and debugging SW available from CodeWarrior here: